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Start building fruitful relationships

Elevate your Jira experience by seamlessly integrating contact and deal management. Simplify your project workflows by converting Jira cards into comprehensive deals, allowing you to associate multiple contacts with them.

Elevate your Jira site with comprehensive contact management​

Manage your contacts and deals within the familiar environment of Jira, streamlining your workflows and boosting productivity.

A centralized contact database

Build and manage a unified contact database that spans your entire Jira site. 

Customizable to your needs

Tailor your contact fields to match your project requirements. Add custom fields or edit existing ones to capture the information that matters most to your organization.

Turn Jira cards into deals

Within individual projects, Crmberry Contacts allows you to link contacts to Jira issue cards, turning them into dynamic deals. 

Contact Management

Effortlessly create and manage a global contact database directly within Jira. Access and share contacts across multiple projects, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

Deal Management

Turn your Jira cards into actionable deals. Track your progress with WON/LOST buttons and manage deals specific to each project, all within Jira’s familiar interface.

Custom Fields & Settings

Tailor your contact and deal cards with customizable fields. Choose from text, number, checkbox, dropdown, date, and currency options to fit your unique business needs.

What's next on the crmberry horizon?

Multi-account Gmail Integration

(Coming soon: Before end of 1st quarter 2024)

A seamless Gmail integration that lets you connect and manage multiple accounts directly within Crmberry to streamline your email workflow.

  • Check your mail inbox and create deals from messages.
  • Keep track of every conversation by deal, all in one place.
  • Create custom message templates
  • Connect and manage multiple accounts and user access.

Get ready to transform your email efficiency and never miss a beat in your communications.

Import/Export Deals and Contacts

(Coming soon: Before end of 1st quarter 2024)

With our upcoming import/export feature, you’ll have the flexibility to migrate your data where you need it, when you need it. Whether you’re importing a fresh list of contacts or exporting your deals for analysis, Crmberry is paving the way for smooth, seamless data management.

Stay tuned for these exciting features, designed to make your CRM experience even more powerful and intuitive.