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Introducing Crmble Contacts

Transform the way you manage customer relationships directly in your Jira environment with Crmble Contacts. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Jira, Crmble Contacts brings a powerful, centralized contact management system to your entire Jira site, enhancing your project management with crucial CRM capabilities.

Streamlining Your Customer Relationship Management in Jira

In the dynamic world of project management, the need for efficient and integrated customer relationship management (CRM) solutions is paramount. Crmberry emerges as a revolutionary tool, specifically designed to enhance your experience within Jira, the popular project management platform by Atlassian.

How to create a contact?

Creating a contact with Crmberry in your Jira environment is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through it:

  1. Access Crmberry in Jira:
    • First, open your Jira site and navigate to the Crmberry App. You can find this in the top menu of your Jira dashboard.
  2. Go to the Contacts Section:
    • In the Crmberry main menu, click on the ‘Contacts’ section. This is where all your contact management activities will take place.
  3. Create a New Contact:
    • Once in the Contacts section, locate and click on the “Create New Contact” button. This button is typically found in the header of the Contacts section.
  4. Fill in Contact Details:
    • A form will appear for you to enter the contact’s details. This includes fields like Name, Surname, Phone, Email, Company, Job Title, Birthday, Address, Notes, and Role.
    • Remember that Phone, Email, and Address are multi-value fields, allowing you to add multiple entries for each (e.g., multiple phone numbers or email addresses).
  5. Save the Contact:
    • After filling in all the necessary information, save the contact. Your new contact will now be added to the Crmberry contacts database and will be accessible for future reference and use.
  6. Customize as Needed:
    • If required, you can add more custom fields to your contact’s information through Crmberry’s settings. This allows for greater flexibility and customization to fit your specific requirements.
  7. Alternative Method – Creating Contact on a Jira Card:
    • Alternatively, you can create a contact directly on a Jira card. To do this, open a Jira card and use the “Create Contact” button. This method links the contact to the card, effectively turning the card into a deal and the new contact into the main contact for that deal. Creating a contact in Crmberry is designed to be intuitive, ensuring that your contact information is organized and easily accessible within your Jira projects.

Turn Jira cards into deals

Within individual projects, Crmberry Contacts allows you to link contacts to Jira issue cards, turning them into dynamic deals.

Crmberry contacts feature the following pre-defined fields:

  • Name: A text field for the contact’s first name.
  • Surname: A text field for the contact’s last name.
  • Phone: A multi-value field where you can add multiple phone numbers for the contact, along with tags to identify the type of each number (e.g., Work, Home, Personal).
  • Email: Similar to the Phone field, this is a multi-value field for email addresses, allowing you to add multiple email contacts for the individual.
  • Company: A text field to enter the name of the company where the contact works.
  • Job Title: A text field for the contact’s professional title or position within their company.
  • Birthday: A date field to record the contact’s birthday.
  • Address: This multi-value field is for entering the contact’s address. You can add multiple addresses with tags to specify types (e.g., Home, Office).
  • Notes: A general text field where you can add any additional notes or important information about the contact.
  • Role: A dropdown field where you can select or enter the role of the contact. This field is useful for categorizing contacts within your database.
These fields collectively shape the contact cards within Crmberry, providing a comprehensive view of each contact’s details. Remember, while these core fields are fixed to ensure consistency, Crmberry also allows you to customize and add more fields according to your specific needs.
To activate Crmberry features in your Jira cards, open any card on your project and ensure that you click on the Crmberry icon located below the title. Click on the “Authorize” button if prompted. Please be aware that additional authorizations may be required in cases of token expiration or when browser cache is cleared.

Activate Crmberry