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Unlock the full potential of your deal and contact management with Crmble’s comprehensive settings. Tailor Crmble to fit your unique workflow by customizing contact and deal fields, ensuring your team captures the most relevant and valuable information.

Who can access settings?

Please note that only Crmble “Owner” or “Admin” role users have the privilege to access settings. Please head to Crmble/Settings to check user permissions.

Customizing Contact and Deal Fields in Crmble

Accessing Field Settings
  • Navigate to fields Settings Hover over any project name in the menu and click the gear icon to access the settings for contact and deal fields.
Adding or Modifying Fields
    • Global Field Creation: When you add a new field to any project, it becomes available across all projects in Crmble.
    • Project-Specific Field Availability: Use the ON/OFF switch toggle to control which fields are available in each project.
    • Switching Between Field Types: Use the upper tab menu to toggle between contact and deal fields.
    • Field View Toggle: Each field includes an option to hide or show it on the card view.
    • Disabling Fields: Fields can be disabled to hide them from the contact or deal table view. Disabling a field is non-destructive; it merely hides the field without deleting any stored data.

Understanding Crmble's Main Settings

Roles Tab
  • Assigning User Roles: Here, you can assign one of three roles to your Crmble site users: Owner, Admin, or User.
  • Role Restrictions: The Owner role is automatically assigned to the Jira user who installed Crmble on the site and cannot be modified.
General Tab
    • Defining Lost Deal Reasons: This section allows you to specify reasons for marking deals as lost, aiding in the analysis and management of deals.

User roles explained

  • Owner: This is the Jira user that has installed the Crmble app. An Owner can modify Crmble settings, assign licenses, export/import information, and change any user’s role. Please note that each team can have only one Owner. This role cannot be altered by any other user role. If you need to change the Owner, please contact our support chat for assistance.
  • Admin: An Admin has the same privileges to the Owner, including the ability to alter Crmble settings, assign licenses, and manage Crmble user area. 
  • User: Users have basic access rights. They can view and interact with Crmble but have limited capabilities compared to the Owner and Admin. A User can create or import data into Crmble, but cannot modify settings or manage licenses.

Crmble deals feature the following pre-defined fields and buttons:

  • Deal Value: A currency field 
  • Source: A drop-down field with editable options to mark the source the deal was generated from.
  • Creation date: A date field that shows the date the deal was created.
  • WON/LOST buttons: Mark your deals as WON or LOST. You can add lost-reason details. Edit Lost reasons by heading to the main Settings menu item.

Remember, while these core fields are fixed to ensure consistency, Crmble also allows you to customize and add more fields according to your specific needs.
To customize fields options head over to Project Settings/Deal Fields by click the gear icon while hovering over the project in the Crmble main menu.
Click on the pencil icon of the field to edit.

Crmberry contacts feature the following pre-defined fields:

  • Name: A text field for the contact’s first name.
  • Surname: A text field for the contact’s last name.
  • Phone: A multi-value field where you can add multiple phone numbers for the contact, along with tags to identify the type of each number (e.g., Work, Home, Personal).
  • Email: Similar to the Phone field, this is a multi-value field for email addresses, allowing you to add multiple email contacts for the individual.
  • Company: A text field to enter the name of the company where the contact works.
  • Job Title: A text field for the contact’s professional title or position within their company.
  • Birthday: A date field to record the contact’s birthday.
  • Address: This multi-value field is for entering the contact’s address. You can add multiple addresses with tags to specify types (e.g., Home, Office).
  • Notes: A general text field where you can add any additional notes or important information about the contact.
  • Role: A dropdown field where you can select or enter the role of the contact. This field is useful for categorizing contacts within your database.

These fields collectively shape the contact cards within Crmble, providing a comprehensive view of each contact’s details. Remember, while these core fields are fixed to ensure consistency, Crmble also allows you to customize and add more fields according to your specific needs.

To activate Crmble features in your Jira cards, open any card on your project and ensure that you click on the Crmble icon located below the title. Click on the “Authorize” button if prompted.
Please be aware that additional authorizations may be required in cases of token expiration or when browser cache is cleared.

Activate Crmberry

Turn Jira cards into deals

Within individual projects, Crmble Contacts allows you to link contacts to Jira issue cards, turning them into dynamic deals.

A centralized contact database

Build and manage a unified contact database that spans your entire Jira site.