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It's deal-making time!

Creating deals in Crmble for Jira is a breeze. Just add a new card in the first list/stage of your pipeline, and then link a contact to it. Voila! You’ve just created a new deal in Crmble. It’s like a virtual handshake to seal the deal with your contacts. You can use deals to manage sales opportunities, job applications, shipping orders, or any other tasks that involve contacts. Flexibility at its finest! 

Learn how to create a deal step-by-step

  1. Access Crmble in Jira:
    • First, open your Jira site and navigate to the Crmble App. You can find this in the top menu of your Jira dashboard. Authorize Crmble if needed.

  2. Head to a project to create a new deal:
    • Crmble deals are created at a Project level. Head to Jira projects menu, pick a project and create a new card. Give it a name and pick a “Contact” from your Crmble address book create your deal. The first contact you link to the card will become the main contact of the deal.

  3. Manage your deals:
    • Open Crmble using Jira Apps menu item or by clicking on the address book icon right above the contact section of your deal. Pick the project on the left menu column to see all the deals you have created in your project.

  4. Alternative Method – Creating Contact on a Jira Card:
    • Alternatively, you can create a new contact directly on a Jira card to create a new deal. To do this, open a Jira card and use the “Create Contact” button. This method links the contact to the card, effectively turning the card into a deal and the new contact into the main contact for that deal.

A centralized contact database

Build and manage a unified contact database that spans your entire Jira site.

Crmble deals feature the following pre-defined fields and buttons:

  • Deal Value: A currency field 
  • Source: A drop-down field with editable options to mark the source the deal was generated from.
  • Creation date: A date field that shows the date the deal was created.
  • WON/LOST buttons: Mark your deals as WON or LOST. You can add lost-reason details. Edit Lost reasons by heading to the main Settings menu item.

Remember, while these core fields are fixed to ensure consistency, Crmble also allows you to customize and add more fields according to your specific needs.
To customize fields options head over to Project Settings/Deal Fields by click the gear icon while hovering over the project in the Crmble main menu.
Click on the pencil icon of the field to edit.

To activate Crmble features in your Jira cards, open any card on your project and ensure that you click on the Crmble icon located below the title. Click on the “Authorize” button if prompted.
Please be aware that additional authorizations may be required in cases of token expiration or when browser cache is cleared.

Activate Crmble